Federal agents are increasingly targeting people critical of the government on a variety of fronts. The feds want us to be afraid of prepping, building communities, networking, and becoming more independent. Authoritarian governments win if citizens are isolated and dependent. Don’t let them win. Follow these guidelines to stay off of their radar.

Avoid public conversations about illegal topics like bomb-making, fully auto firearm conversions, and violence against government officials. These are all first amendment protected issues, but be careful what you say and who you say it to.

Be careful with discussions of what to do if the police come to arrest you, confiscate your guns or search your home. This is a potential minefield.

Don’t talk about “someone needs to get this person” or “I wish someone would attack these people.” This can be interpreted as an intent to commit violence.

Protect your identity and personal information to the extent you would like. Do not give detailed information about yourself to individuals and groups for “vetting” or background checks.

Avoid riots and be careful in protests. During a protest, be careful not to enter any government buildings, walk by gaps in fencing, or cross police barriers.

Do not engage in any planning or discussions about targeting government officials.

Avoid groups that violate these guidelines.

Assume every militia has at least one federal informant in it. They likely do.

Assume every prepper you meet is potentially a federal informant or undercover agent.

The best way to deal with potential feds it to be friendly and welcoming. Focus on preparing and building a better future.

Characteristics of Informants

  • Engage in detailed political discussions
  • Talk a lot about how they wish someone would really do x or target these people
  • Ask a lot of questions including invasive personal questions
  • Are highly motivated to participate
  • Ask about illegal topics like firearm conversions, explosives, violence, offensive tactics
  • Have a criminal past – this is likely how they were recruited
  • Encourage people to make a plan and act
  • Tries to get into a leadership positions
  • Agitates, gossips and works to create internal rifts
  • Takes pictures, video and audio recordings of meetings, people and events
  • Offer resources including access to illegal weapons, bombs, money, advisors, muscle and special equipment out of the reach of your average person
  • Lacks good moral standing and values
  • Doesn’t have a clear line of employment or income

Questioning and Arrest

If you end up getting questioned or arrested by law enforcement, do not talk! Invoke your fifth amendment right to remain silent. You have zero obligation to talk to them. Interrogations are designed to confirm your guilt and build a better case. Typically, there is nothing you will be able to say that will get you out of trouble. Get a good lawyer and protect yourself.

Understand that if federal agents come for you they will cook up charges to try to get you to plea. If you have bulk gun powder for reloading, they’ll claim you have bomb making materials.  Do you have rocket igniters for your kid’s model rocket? Those are IED construction materials. Metal pipes in your shed are clearly for pipe bomb construction. If you own a lot of guns and ammo, they will lay them out and take pictures of your arsenal, claiming you were well prepared for a fight and ready for violence. Be ready to be smeared and defamed by prosecutors and federal agents. They will do everything they can to make you look like a bad, evil and violent person.