What is a Mass Crackdown?

Mass crackdown is a term that encapsulates multiple phenomena including genocide, prison camps, forces labor and re-education camps. These are typically associated with authoritarian governments cracking down on dissidents, in an attempt to maintain or consolidate power.

Crackdowns can occur in a variety of ways. In a one-shot crackdown, a government engages in rapid mobilization and oppression of a targeted group, typically a small minority of the population. When targeting a larger segment of the population, incremental crackdowns are employed. These start small and gradually ramp up both in scope and in the violence of tactics.

Another less common tactic is for governments to incite supporters to attack and oppress a targeted minority group. Government officials will fuel hate against the targeted group and create a legal environment where violence against the targeted group is tolerated and even rewarded, at least socially.

There is another, perhaps more dystopian, version of a crackdown, where people are not executed or imprisoned, they are simply unpersoned. Targeted dissidents are cut off from access to financial services meaning that can no longer buy or rent a house or apartment, they can’t go to a restaurant, they can’t even buy groceries at the store. This version of a crackdown is more technologically complicated as it requires universal digital IDs, more consolidation of private businesses, expansive and sophisticated surveillance, and central bank digital currencies.



Components of a Crackdown

Crackdowns have a number of prerequisites that can be used as indicators to monitor progress towards a government-sponsored crackdown. 

The first step is targeting. A government will define which group is to be targeted. This is typically a vocal and powerful opposition group. Once a target is defined, government actors, proxies and state-sponsored media begin the process of dehumanization. They insult, denigrate, delegitimize and justify attacks on the target group. Language starts as mild criticism and escalates into calls to control, stop or eliminate the target group, blaming them for the problems in the nation. The targeted group will be called terrorists, radicals, extremists, racists and other extreme labels with little to no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Crackdowns often use a pretext or an excuse to justify the persecution of the target group. Governments will not openly claim they are eliminating opposition in order to consolidate power; instead they will claim targeted people violated a law, made seditious speech against the government, or are conspiring to commit treason. Other more complex justification can be used to, especially in an incremental crackdown.

Crackdowns require a significant amount of government resources. Governments need personnel, equipment, vehicles, prison camps, investigators, interrogators and prosecutors. As such, good indicators of a crackdown include the expansion of federal law enforcement agencies; expansion or treason, conspiracy and sedition laws; purge of military and government personnel who are believed to be obstacles to carrying out a crackdown; the construction of camps and jails or the clearing out of such facilities to make room for political prisoners; and a purge of judges who may interfere in political prosecution of the targeted group.



Progress in the US

The US government has clearly defined the target, and that is anyone who opposes the elite’s control of governance. This includes right-wingers, disenchanted left-wingers, libertarians, anarchists, goverment-critical moderates, and really anyone openly critical of the US government and the intelligence community.

Many politicians and proxies have engaged in dehuminazition of this targeted group. One notable example is when former CIA director John Brennan called libertarians and Trump-supporters insurgents.

The US recently passed legislation to double the size of the IRS, and continues its political prosecutions of January 6th protestors. We are well into an incremental crackdown that will gradually ramp up, if the intelligence community and elite class continue to get their way. 

See the scenarios below for more details.



Scenario 1: Incremental Mobilization 

Implement crackdown over time and gradually ramp-up targeting and persecution of political dissidents.

60% Likelihood

2+ Years Away 

Resource Ramp-Up

Massive increase in the size and alignment of key government agencies

A. Cannibalization / Realignment

a. FBI pivot1

b. Psyops pivot/US Targeting2

c. DOJ Domestic Terror Unit5

B. Expansion of Key Agencies

a. IRS Adding 87,0003

b. New Capitol Police Offices4

C. Reporting Hotlines and Campaigns

a. New Jersey See Something Anti-Terror Reporting36

D. Ramp up Info and Entrapment Ops

a. Coordinate censorship with Big tech6

b. FBI targeting MAGA extremists and leaking details37

Build Pretext

Engineer more excuses to target political enemies

A. Attacks on Judges / Replacements

a. NY Times pack the judiciary7

b. Pack the Supreme Court8

c. Supreme Court Protests9

B. Expand Use of National Security Law

C. Expanded Use of Nebulous Laws

a. Seditious conspiracy10

b. Terrorism Enhancements35

D. Dehumanization / Divisive Rhetoric

a. Biden: MAGA Republicans threat to democracy11

b. FBI: Parents are domestic terrorists12

c. Brennan: Libertarian Domestic Terrorists13

d. Hillary Clinton: Need to deprogram MAGA cultists38

Internment Capacity

Build out capacity to house tens or hundreds of thousands of dissidents

A. Relieve Existing Over-Capacity

a. Bail reform14

b. Decriminalization15, 16


B. Build More Prisons


C. Build Primitive Internment Camps

Scenario 2: Rapid Mobilization 

Mobilize all available government resources for a rapid crackdown on political opposition.

30% Likelihood

3+ Months Away 


Prepare government agencies for a crackdown.

A. Training


B. Purge

a. Military Covid-vaccinated17

b. Wokeness18, 19, 20


C. Notice


Build / acquire what is required for a mass crackdown.

A. Build Primitive Internment Camps


B. Stockpiling Key Supplies

a. IRS, FDA, EPA stockpiling21, 22

Scenario 3: Unpersoned 

Dissidents are simply locked out of society, currencies, banking, stores, transportation and more.

40% Likelihood

7+ Years Away 

Digital Backbone

Build infrastructure for control mechanisms.

A. Digital Currency

a. Fed Digital Dollar Testing26

b. Biden CBDC Framework27

c.Biden Crypto Regulation Framework28


B. Digital ID

a. Real-ID23

b. Digital ID Legislation24

c. Digital Wallet and Vaccine Cards25


C. Integration of State, Federal, and Private Systems and Data


Destroy small and medium size businesses and consolidate the majority of market share into a couple hundred key businesses.

A. Expansion of Public-Private Partnership


B. Destruction of Existing SMBs

a. Covid closures29

b. Incentives to competing big businesses32


C. Hostile Environment to New Businesses

a. Increasing regulatory burden30, 31




































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