“The U.S. military did not properly maintain accountability for thousands of pieces of equipment transferred to the government of Ukraine as part of the former’s security assistance program in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, according to a new government watchdog report.

The assessment from the Defense Department’s inspector general published on Monday states that military personnel responsible for rapidly transferring material to Ukraine through an aerial port in Jasionka, Poland, ‘did not fully implement their standard operating procedures to account for defense items and could not confirm the quantities of defense items received against the quantity of items shipped’ in three of five shipments examined by defense officials.”

Analyst Comment: We’ve previously reported on American arms in the hands of Mexican cartel members and in North Africa. Seymour Hersh claimed Ukrainian officials have set up companies to sell these arms around the world, primarily for personal enrichment. Further, a good portion of these arms are probably being siphoned off for CIA operations.