“Three previously unreleased State Department cables obtained by U.S. Right to Know include new information about classified research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

One cable alleges evidence of connections between China’s biotechnology sector and the People’s Liberation Army, including ‘cyber evidence” of “PLA shadow labs at WIV,’ the PLA’s involvement with the construction of the lab and subsequent presence there, and ‘WIV personnel with possible PLA ties.’

A second cable appears to address the blurring of civilian and military research — specifically Beijing’s emphasis on ‘military-civil fusion,’ or MCF — in the world of biotech.

A third cable details the way in which Beijing authorities, rather than local apparatchiks, censored the spiraling pandemic in critical early days, with devastating consequences: ‘Initial Outbreak Could Have Been Contained in China if Beijing Had Not Covered It Up,’ it reads.”