Former head of the Jan 5th/6th pipe bomb investigation claims some of the data geofenced data (cell phone data) they collected was corrupted, which hindered their investigation.

Analyst Comment: Someone is lying. An FBI whistleblower previously claimed the FBI was able to use video feeds to track the perpetrator through the subway, all the way back to their vehicle, outside of DC; and for some unstated reason, refused to act on that information. If cell phone location data was corrupted it could indicate a potential for a cover-up, but that would not affect the video footage.

We continue to hold that the January 5th pipe bomb attacks were Plan B, in case the events on January 6th failed. This was very likely a state-sponsored action. The planted pipe-bombs were non-functional. This was a staged terror event with no real risk to anyone. Lost in all the the attention over the January 6th protest, there were no hearings into the failures of US Secret Service who led VP Harris into a DNC building while one of the bombs was outside. This was an enormous security blunder that received no Congressional attention or media scrutiny.