Julie Kelly on Trump Docs case: William Bosanko, the CEO of the National Archives, “told House Intel what triggered their inquiry into missing presidential records was the fact Trump didn’t give them the transition letter from Obama and letter from Kim Jong Un…

Bosanko then claimed there was a list of missing items. When pressed by Rep. Stefanik for the list, he said there wasn’t one. Bosanko uses the ruse of Obama/Kim letters to warn Team Trump they are violating PRA. Instead of telling NARA to pound sand, the very uncooperative Team Trump hands over 15 boxes to NARA.

Bosanko then claims to have found classified material. Refers matter to DOJ thru IG. After admitting Trump probably did not pack the boxes (no duh) and it’s a rush job after a defeat, Bosanko says he wasn’t notified the boxes contained classified documents. Because they either weren’t (which I am assuming) or Team Trump didn’t know either.”

Analyst Comment: The short version is there is no evidence Trump intentionally took classified docs from the White House: There is no evidence Trump and his team were uncooperative with the National Archive, in fact Trump had wide latitude to retain records considered personal under the Presidential Records act: It is not even clear if Trump and his team mishandled classified documents at all.