“The Joe Biden administration has come out in opposition to Congress creating an inspector general’s office to oversee weapons transfers to the Ukrainian government.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes a provision that will create an inspector general for the proxy war in Ukraine modeled after the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

SIGAR John Sopko detailed the rampant American failures during the Afghan War for years. His quarterly reports routinely embarrassed American officials who tried to portray the situation in Afghanistan as improving.

Sopko has warned that an inspector general’s official for the Ukraine war needed to be established to prevent a repeat of the situation American aid created in Afghanistan, which saw massive corruption… The White House argued that creating an inspector general for Ukraine was unnecessary as the Department of Defense was already monitoring transfers…

The US has shipped tens of billions worth of weapons to Ukraine since the Russian invasion last year. While Washington and Kiev maintain all weapons are being used on the battlefield, governments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa report weapons from Ukraine have been used by criminals and militants.”

Analyst Comment: Corruption is a feature, not a bug. Zelensky and his admin cooperate with the largest largely because they are allowed to skim off millions from foreign aid. Further, a good chunk of assets being sent to Ukraine are likely being siphoned off for CIA pet projects around the world.