“Fox News was sued for defamation Wednesday by Trump supporter Ray Epps, who alleges the network and host Tucker Carlson spread a ‘fantastical story’ about him.”

Analyst Comment: If I were a conspiracy theorist I might suspect that Ray Epps is indeed a confidential human source for the FBI, and that he was tasked with inciting the J6 protestors to storm the Capitol, which was a pre-staged trap. I might note how strange it was that Epps has never been charged with a crime, and was removed from the FBI’s J6 most wanted list despite clear evidence of criminal acts. I might be suspicious that corporate press outlets ran puff pieces for him and attempted to portray him as the victim, while while the same outlets vilified virtually every other American charged in J6. Why defend Ray Epps of all people?

And why is a Perkins Coie alum helping Epps? Why has every January 6th defendant struggled to find good lawyers to defend them, but a former lawyer from Perkins Coie, the super law firm who is a favorite of left-wingers like the Clinton’s, decides to back Epps? I may think that’s a bit strange.

And I may further ponder the possibility that this lawsuit is cover for yet another psy-op, a psy-op with two distinct goals: One is a feeble attempt to further undermine the “Ray Epps is a fed” narrative: The FBI won’t come clean and tell the truth about his status. Fox will settle this out of court. The corporate press will claim “see, Fox settled, that proves he’s not a fed.” The narrative will be bolstered and the brain-dead masses will will take a victory lap.

Second, this is the payoff for Epps. Epps has been a busy bee with interviews and this lawsuit. His life has no doubt been disrupted by the public scrutiny. Plus now with charges pending, a big payout is required to ensure his continued cooperation. He is a martyr for the feds, but he’ll be a well-paid martyr at least.

A big settlement through a proxy like Fox will be the reward for him helping the FBI maintain the narrative that there was no fed collusion, conspiracy, intervention or incitement on January 6th 2021. I might believe that if I was a conspiracy theorist.