“US officials at the NATO summit in Vilnius were so angry over Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s criticism that they almost scaled back the commitment made to Ukraine in NATO’s communiqué… Zelensky took to Twitter to air his grievances about Ukraine not getting a formal invitation to join NATO, calling it ‘unprecedented and absurd…’

…the US delegation was ‘furious’ over Zelensky’s tweet. NATO officials held informal talks to decide how to respond to the Ukrainian leader’s criticism. According to European officials, the US wanted to get rid of the line about Ukraine’s future invitation altogether.

But ultimately, the US delegation agreed to stick with the original language. The report said French President Emmanuel Macron pushed to keep the line about Ukraine’s invitation in the communiqué and was backed by central European countries and the Baltic states.”

Analyst Comment: This is how petty US leadership is. These are not cold, calculating machiavellians : They are emotionally unstable morons with power. Both are dangerous, but only one is capable of executing their plans.