“Did FBI paid informants and undercover agents illegally instigate the men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020?

If so, the three remaining defendants facing trial in Antrim County were entrapped and would be acquitted under the law.

However, that’s not a question for the the jury to decide, prosecutors with the state Attorney General’s Office claim in a recent court request asking Antrim County Circuit Judge Charles M. Hamlyn to forbid defense attorneys from raising entrapment claims, or even using the word...

The remaining defendants awaiting trial are Eric Molitor of Cadillac and twin brothers Michael Null of Plainwell and William Null of Shelbyville. Eleven other defendants in the case have already faced prosecution: five were found guilty by federal or state juries, two were acquitted in federal court and four agreed to plead guilty as part of plea deals.

At previous trials — two in federal court and one in Jackson County — entrapment claims have been raised, or at least insinuated, by the defense.”