The situation in Niger is escalating quickly:

“Niger’s coup leaders have stopped UN agencies, NGOs and international organisations from working in military “operation zones”, the interior ministry said Thursday…”

“The Police and Gendarmerie of the Nigerien Armed Forces have Surrounded the French Embassy in the Capital of Niamey and set up a Checkpoint in order to Search any Vehicle which enters or exits the Embassy Compound; this follows the Order issued earlier today by the Niger Military Junta for the Police to Expel the French Ambassador by Force.”

Analyst Comment: French President Macron previously stated that French troops and the ambassador would not be leaving the nation. It very much looks like Macron wants to force a violent conflict. While France certainly has a superior military, Macron’s popularity back home could further inflame domestic unrest.

Additionally, Russia or China may use a conflict in Africa as a chance to wage their own proxy war against a NATO nation.