Justin Ervin and Matt Hoover get 5 years each over a piece of metal with a picture on it.

“Judge Marcia Morales Howard has sentenced Matthew Hoover of CRS Firearms and Kristopher Justin Ervin, the defendants in the AutoKey Card case. Ervin and Hoover were convicted in a Florida Federal Court in April 2023 for transferring machinegun conversion devices, known as Autokey Cards.

The AutoKey Card is a slim metal card that has etched markings that resemble a lightning link. A lightning link allows users to modify certain AR-15-style rifles and convert them into machine guns. As per the National Firearms Act of 1936 (NFA), any device that can change a gun into a machine gun is regulated as a machine gun itself…

Hoover was convicted of conspiracy. However, he neither sold the card nor owned any part of the company. His role was advertising the item on his popular YouTube channel, CRS Firearms. According to the government, the majority of the company‚Äôs sales were directly attributed to its advertisement campaign.”