“Legal gun sales will end in Oregon should Ballot Measure 114 survive ongoing court challenges, according to guidance provided to all county sheriffs by the Oregon State Sheriffs Association (OSAA).

Because the FBI has stated that it will not conduct background checks for the new law, no enforcement officer will be able to issue a permit to purchase a weapon as required by the measure.

Doing so would be a crime, the legal guidance states.

In addition, OSAA advised sheriffs that virtually all firearm magazines would be banned after the law takes effect.

Anyone possessing them would be committing a crime and could be arrested.

That includes off-duty police officers…

On Dec. 6, Judge Immergut denied plaintiffs a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the implementation of the measure but granted the state’s request for a 30-day delay on the permit-to-purchase portion of the new rules.

In that hearing, the Oregon Attorney General’s Office reassured the court that the permit-to-purchase system required by the new measure would be ready by Dec. 8 when the law was to take effect…

In fact, according to OSSA’s legal guidance, it is still not ready.

Also on Dec. 6, Harney County Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio issued a TRO for the entire measure on the grounds that it violates the state constitution.

After a federal trial in June, Judge Immergut ruled the entire measure is constitutional.

Plaintiffs in that case filed an appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This could move the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.”