“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to concerns about billions of plasmid DNA fragments in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine—as a university researcher recently testified in front of a South Carolina Senate hearing.

‘The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines authorized or approved for use in the United States are not defined as a gene therapy,’ the FDA told Maryanne Demasi, a former Australia Broadcasting Corporation journalist who now operates a Substack page. She noted that the FDA spokesperson didn’t answer specific questions about the DNA fragments.

Continuing, the spokesperson said that the ‘FDA is confident in the quality, safety, and effectiveness of these vaccines’ and added that the ‘agency’s benefit-risk assessment and ongoing safety surveillance demonstrates that the benefits of their use outweigh their risks…’

Dr. Buckhaults had made reference to research done by microbiologist Kevin McKernan, a researcher who worked on MIT’s Human Genome Project who said he found that the amount of DNA in vaccines could be 18 to 70 times higher than the limits required by a top health agency.

Earlier this year, Dr. McKernan published a paper finding that the quantities of DNA contamination in the vaccines exceeded the European Medicines Agency’s 330 ng/mg of DNA to RNA requirement by between 18 and 70 times. It’s also higher than the FDA’s 0 ng/dose requirements, and it had a reading of 12 ng/dose.

At the time, he warned that the DNA plasmids could infiltrate the human genome, contradicting public statements made by the FDA and other regulators that COVID-19 vaccines do not alter human DNA.”