“A federally funded school-based health center (SBHC) in Maine reportedly gave prescription anti-depressant pills in a plastic baggy to a 17-year-old girl without her parents’ knowledge or consent, her father told The Maine Wire.

When the girl’s father, Eric Sack, found the pills — which his daughter told him were Zoloft — he complained to the school.

Zoloft carries a black box warning — which warns of possible serious adverse reactions — indicating the drug can cause suicidal ideation, particularly in people under age 24, when they first start taking the drug.

Sack kept his daughter home from school the following week to make appointments with a doctor and therapist — a decision that resulted in someone at the school or the health center reportedly contacting Child Protective Services, which investigated the family.”

Analyst Comment: Many states now have similar school-based health centers which are typically funded by a combination of federal and state-level grants and user fees. These centers provide a variety of services including vaccinations and treatments, which can be given without the parents explicit permission.