“An audit of the Defense Logistics Agency found that billions of dollars worth of Army ground combat systems and spare parts — from truck engines to range finders to tank treads — were deteriorating or at increased risk of deterioration due to improper storage and care…

The audit looked at the Army’s inventory of GCS equipment, which is the machines and spare parts that soldiers use for movement, protection and firepower on the battlefield. The audit included the Stryker Armored Combat Vehicle and Abrams Tank, and repair parts and components include tank engines, transmissions, vehicular track shoes, rubber wheels and electrical components.

In all, the report examined 93% of the Army’s ground combat spare parts and components stored in two DLA centers. The two centers store 2.17 million individual GCS repair parts and components valued at $3.87 billion, as of July 7, 2022.

Of that $3.87 billion in parts, the IG found $1.31 billion worth had “critical” deficiencies, meaning the equipment was deteriorating and in “immediate danger” of being unuseable. Another $200.22 million worth of parts had “major” deficiencies and $192 million had “minor” deficiencies.”