Part of the Nashville Covenant School Shooter’s manifesto has allegedly leaked.

“In one page, Ms. Hale, who was also known as Aiden and was identified by police as a female-to-male transgender person, said she was nearly ‘caught’ planning the attack, ‘especially back in the summer of 2021.’

She also referred to the children as having ‘white [privilege]’ while going to ‘fancy private schools’ with their ‘fancy khakis and sports backpacks’ in their parents’ ‘mustangs and convertables [sic]…’

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell said in a statement on Nov. 6 that he had directed the city’s legal director to initiate an investigation into the leak, but he didn’t address the veracity of the documents. Other agencies were unable to verify the authenticity of the documents when asked to do so by The Epoch Times on Nov. 6.”