“Nebraska lawmakers have created a state Health Information Technology (HIT) Board to collect health information on all Nebraskans in a centralized data and surveillance system that, according to lawmakers, will be used by doctors to improve patient care.

But critics warn the system marks a step toward the oppressive control of digital ID and digital currency that could sweep the U.S.

The Nebraska Legislature in 2020 voted unanimously to create the Nebraska HIT Board, composed of 17 members appointed by the governor and confirmed by a majority vote of the legislature…

The state law that created the HIT Board designates CyncHealth, a regional health data utility (HDU) that manages the data of more than 5 million patients in more than 1,100 healthcare facilities across the Midwest, to centralize and administer the information on Nebraska’s health exchange.

CyncHealth says its mission is to create a comprehensive health record for every patient that is instantly accessible to patients, their doctors, nurse practitioners, radiologists and other health professionals.

The patient health records include patient histories, physicals, discharge summaries, immunization records, radiology, lab and pathology results and ordering, medication history, allergies and advance directives.”