Chinese Biolab in California Update From CA Congressman Kevin Kiley: “Following the discovery of a secret, illegal Chinese bio lab in California, I requested an investigation by the House. Yesterday, the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party released its highly disturbing report.

The lab was run by an international fugitive from China named Jiabei ‘Jesse’ Zhu. After running various state-connected companies in China, he moved to Canada, where he set up dozens of corporations to ‘steal valuable American intellectual property and unlawfully transfer’ it to China.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia found he committed ‘fraud on an epic scale,’ resulting in a $330 million judgment. He then fled to America, assumed the alias David He, and set up several more companies, including the one behind the bio lab.

The lab was discovered nearly a year ago, when a code inspector came upon a suspicious warehouse in Reedley, CA. Inside, she found many Chinese nationals ‘wearing white lab coats, glasses, masks, and latex gloves,’ along with ‘thousands of vials of biological substances’ and 1,000 mice.

It was later learned these were ‘transgenic’ mice ‘genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus.’ A further inspection found ‘blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples and serums’ along with thousands of vials of ‘suspected biological material.’ Some of the vials were labeled with the names of infectious agents, while others were labeled in a ‘code’ that was never deciphered.

At first, the CDC refused to investigate, and even hung-up on local officials who asked for help. After the local Congressman got involved, the CDC did an inspection and found ‘at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including HIV, Tuberculosis, and the deadliest known form of Malaria.’

Yet the CDC did not bother to test any samples, even those with unknown contents, making it ‘impossible for the Select Committee to fully assess the potential risks that this specific facility posed to the community.’ The Select Committee report calls this ‘baffling.’ Later, local officials discovered a refrigerator in the lab labeled ‘Ebola.’

While the supposed purpose of the lab was to sell test kits, in fact all the company did was buy counterfeit kits from China and re-sell them in the United States. Thus, there was a ‘lack of apparent legitimate (or even profit-motivated criminal) motive in the operation of the illegal facility.’

This raises the question as to the true purpose of the lab – especially given that Jesse Zhuhe, its criminal operator, was ‘receiving unexplained payments via wire transfer’ from Chinese banks. The report further notes that ‘no one knows whether there are other unknown biolabs because there is no monitoring system in place.'”