“Facebook’s parent company, Meta, knowingly allows millions of children under age 13 to use Instagram, but ‘zealously’ hides that fact from the public, according to a newly unredacted legal complaint filed against the company and reported by The New York Times.

Although Meta received more than 1 million reports of underage users, it disabled only ‘a fraction’ of the accounts and instead ‘routinely continued to collect’ children’s personal information — including locations and email addresses — without parental consent, the unredacted document alleges.

The company also purposefully uses its technology “to entice, engage, and ultimately ensnare youth and teens” and publicly misrepresents its platforms as safe for youth, while concealing its own internal research showing that users experienced harms on its platforms at high rates.These practices violated the federal children’s privacy law and California’s false advertising and unfair competition laws, according to the complaint.”