“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has backed off from trying to revoke the federal firearms license (FFL) of Kiloton Tactical, LLC after Gun Owners of America (GOA) stepped in to help the gun store sue the government over President Joe Biden’s zero-tolerance policy for minor mistakes. The case is Kiloton Tactical, LLC v. ATF.

In late August, AmmoLand News reported on a local ATF industry operations inspector (IOI) who seized Kiloton Tactical’s bound book and all the company’s completed ATF Form 4473s with customer information. The IOI took the documents off-site and returned the paperwork a week later. This seizure of the records violated federal law…

Some believe the ATF dropping the revocation was a way to moot the case and protect its zero-tolerance policy. The ATF has reversed its decisions to revoke other FFLs after being sued. In GOA’s case against the ATF final rule on frames and receivers, the named plaintiff, Morehouse Enterprises, also received a revocation letter for minor paperwork errors. The Bureau dropped the revocation after GOA helped the gun store sue the ATF.”

Analyst comment: This is a common ATF tactic. They know these actions are blatantly illegal, but most FFL’s don’t have the resources to fight them in court.