Dozens of members from alleged white nationalist group Patriot Front marched through the National Mall and the Capitol in DC on Saturday. Their police escort even blocked a train station to prevent anyone from following them as they left the area.

Analyst Comment: Patriot Front is highly likely an FBI operation. The group conducts activities all across the US with no clear source of funding. They are frequently stopped and detained by police for photo ops, but mysteriously always leave the member’s masks on to conceal their identities.

On rare occasions members are arrested and identified. It it is entirely plausible the group has willing patsies that are sacrificed in these arrests while informant identities are protected. This would give the appearance that the group is more legitimate than it actually is. It would also serve as a way to entrap voluntary members in various illegal schemes.

Patriot Front protests are a favorite news story among the corporate press, yet there is very little interest in exposing the group’s internal operations, organization and planning.