“Several senators suggested that generative AI tools should be restricted and that only companies with a government-approved license should be able to provide the software during a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled ‘Oversight of A.I.: Rules for Artificial Intelligence.’

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, testified during the hearing and agreed with the push for AI access to be restricted via licensing.”

Analyst Comment: These public-private partnerships are not free-market capitalism; they are fascism. Large companies advocate for government involvement because it will push out competitors and open the door to special treatment like tax breaks, subsidies, grants and government contracts. The public-private partnership model also provides the elite class a means to smuggle new control mechanisms through private business under the guise of the “free market.” Censorship of social media is a prime example of this.

This is also why the World Economic Forum promotes private-public partnership and not nationalization of industry: This partnership preserves the wealth and power of the elite class, provides cover for corruption and graft and creates a secondary avenue to push policies. They are fascists not communists, although they gladly use Marxist foot soldiers to help destroy their enemies, a strategy that may backfire spectacularly.