4x Tough Map Package | 2x Patrol Size and 2x Full-Size


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This four pack includes:
24″ x 36″ Full-Size Map 1:3,168 Scale
24″ x 36″ Full-Size Map 1:12,672 Scale
23″ x 23″ Patrol Map 1:3,168 Scale
23″ x 23″ Patrol Map 1:12,672 Scale

Custom-printed maps designed to survive and thrive in challenging environments. These maps are perfect for hunting, emergency preparedness, intelligence, and planning. Maps include over 25 types of data, carefully styled for legibility and maximum information. Our maps use high-resolution satellite imagery as a base map, with custom-generated contour lines based on the latest digital elevation data. This combination makes it easy to spot structures, vegetation, points of interest, and terrain features.

1:3,168 scale provides a close look at your location and the surrounding area. The map area covers 1.10 miles wide by 1.40 miles high. Non-standard scale makes measurement easy as 1″ on the map translates to 0.05 miles.

1:12,672 scale provides a moderate view of the surrounding area, with some close-level detail preserved. The map area covers 4.40 miles wide by 5.60 miles high. Non-standard scale makes measurement easy as 1″ on the map translates to 0.20 miles.

Our maps are printed in full color using a high-resolution plotter printer for precise line-work and features. Tough maps use water-resistant pigment ink on synthetic paper for water and tear resistance.

You give us the center point and we’ll pull the data, build, and print a map for your precise location!

Please note the map shown is a sample and is much lower resolution than the final product.


Water-resistant tear resistant design to stand up to field use
24″ x 36″ poster size covers 1.54 square miles (1:3,168)
24″ x 36″ poster size covers 24.64 square miles (1:12,672)
23″ x 23″ poster size covers 1.32 square miles (1:3,168)
23″ x 23″ poster size covers 21.16 square miles (1:12,672)
Feels like normal paper but outperforms it in every way
Full-color printing
Custom Map Scale for simple measurements in inches
Custom-Generated Contour Lines with Height Measurements
True North Arrow
Magnetic Declination and Variation Arrow
Latitude and Longitude Markings with Solid Black Grid-lines


Plotted Data

High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Airports and Runways
Police and Law Enforcement
Medical (Pharmacy, Doctor, Hospital, Clinic, Veterinarian)
Mountain Peaks
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores
Cell Towers
Fire Departments
Mines and Caves
Bodies of water and water flows (As available)
Military Land Use
Indian Reservations
State and County Boundaries
National Park Boundaries
Paved and Unpaved Roads with Names and Styled by Road Type
Trails and Paths
Railways (Active and Inactive)

*Available data may be incomplete or contain errors. We strive to use the best data possible. Most map data is pulled from Open Street Maps, which you can update to improve data quality.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in
Total Size

24" W x 36" H (Full-Size)
23" W x 23" H (Patrol)

Map Area

22" W x 28" H (Full-Size)
23" W x 23" H (Patrol)


1.10 Miles W x 1.40 Miles H, 1.54 Square Miles (1:3,168 Full-Size)
4.40 Miles W x 5.60 Miles H, 24.64 Square Miles (1:12,672 Full-Size)
1.15 Miles W x 1.15 Miles H, 1.32 Square Miles (1:3,168 Patrol)
4.60 Miles W x 4.60 Miles H, 21.16 Square Miles (1:12,672 Patrol)




1" = 0.050 Miles (1:3,168)
1" = 0.20 Miles (1:12,672)


Canon Synthetic Paper (Water and Tear Resistant)


Canon LUCIA TD Pigment

Printed Resolution

300 DPI

Form Factor

Rolled and secured with tape or rubber bands